FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How long did it take to remodel the main big barn, from the original picture to the completion?

A1: Started in May 2002 and completed by August 2003.  Most of the work was done on week nights, weekends and vacations.  Of course... there is always on going maintenance projects.

Q2: How much did remodeling the barn cost?

A2: With any remodel project one can spend anywhere from $10 and beyond per sq foot.  It all depends on how detailed you want to be.  Look for deals, be patient and try to re-use salvaged materials.  Check out the following link to help you estimate your barn remodel project.  lgc.uwex.edu/barns/pdf/costs.pdf

Q3: What do you use the barn for?

A3: The builder wanted to maintain what he had available to him when he first acquired the property.  It is used for storage, work shop and a number of other things.  The windows help reduce the cost of lighting the interior.


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