Old Farm House, Ok... so it should have been leveled.


The old abandoned farm has an unusually small farmhouse.  The first floor is just under 600 sq. feet with two small rooms on the second floor.  The goal of the project was to make the house functional.  Original access to the basement was located on the outside of the house.  Now there will be a stairwell allowing access from inside the house.  Much easier to access utilities this way.  The "Barn-style" garage is now attached to the house.  Both improvements allow better access, especially during those brutal Wisconsin snow storms.  The builder will resize the number of bedrooms from three to two, change the kitchen and bath to create a practical floor plan.  If more rooms are needed... there is plenty of room for an addition.  In summary, remodeling is more challenging than building new.  Most would just tear it down and start over... which is recommended if you can manage it.  Remodeling buys you time when doing things yourself... and a place to sleep.

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